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Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Inpatient Building

Boston, MA
Architect: Payette

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s new inpatient bed tower incorporates the expansion of hospital departments in the adjacent Rosenberg Building, while allowing it to remain in operation throughout construction. Departments will span between the new building and renovated space in Rosenberg. Bridge-like corridors will connect these functions and ease public circulation from the Rosenberg Building, through the inpatient building, to the rest of the West Campus. A palette of materials drawn from the nearby East Campus will link the two campuses.

BIDMC NIB Exterior Lighting Renderings 2

Drawings and Supplemental Materials

BIDMC NIB Lighting Layouts Nurses Station Corridors Connector Lobby 2018-08-20

BIDMC NIB Lighting Layouts 100 DD 2018-09-12

BIDMC NIB Fixture Schedule 100 DD 2018-09-14

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